Supreme Chancellors of the Knights of Pythias of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia

Supreme Chancellor Dr. Elias Alexander Williams, died 28 January 1932 in Brooklyn, New York, and buried in Evergreens Cemetery.

Thomas W. Stringer – Vicksburg, Mississippi (1883-1887)
Elias Alexander Williams – New Orleans, Louisiana (1887-1895)
James C. Ross – Savannah, Georgia (1895-1899)
Samuel W. Starks – Charleston, West Virginia (1899-1908)
Smith Wendell Green – New Orleans, Louisiana (1908-1935)
Samuel Asbury Thompson Watkins – Chicago, Illinois (1935-1940)
Oscar William Adams – Birmingham, Alabama (1940-1946)
Walter Daniel Crawley – Chicago, Illinois (1946-1947)
Richard Arthur Hester – Dallas, Texas (1947-1983)
Benjamin Lawson Hooks – Memphis, Tennessee (1983-2009)
Donald W. Austin – Davenport, Iowa (2009-2015)
Clarence Monette – Port St. Joe, Florida (2015-Present)

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