Research – Record Retrievals – Cemetery Photos

As time allows, I accept clients in need of genealogical and historical research; record retrievals; and tombstone photographs. I regularly visit the following archival repositories:

  • New Orleans Public Library – City Archives & Special Collections
  • New Orleans Notarial Archives
  • Orleans Parish Conveyance Office
  • Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court – Gretna
  • Plaquemines Parish Clerk of Court – Belle Chase
  • Tulane University Special Collections
  • Amistad Research Center
  • Xavier University of Louisiana Archives
  • Local Catholic & Municipal Cemeteries

Keep in mind that genealogical and historical research (beyond simple record retrievals) often requires locating archival sources (usually not available online); extensive analysis of those sources; and compiling a written research report.

When engaging a researcher, it is best to identify a particular research question you want answered. For example, rather than something broad such as, “I want to know about my grandmother’s people,” you might say, “Who were my grandmother’s parents?” or “How was my grandmother related to Cousin John Doe?” The researcher’s task is to answer that question or attempt to answer that question utilizing available sources. – Keep in mind that with historical research, there is always the possibility that the answers to our research questions may be inconclusive or may differ from what we expect or hope to uncover.


Speaking Engagements:

I also enjoy presenting on historical and genealogical topics. I have spoken to social clubs, school and church groups, as well as historical and genealogical conferences. Please contact me to discuss my availability and the topics you would like addressed for your particular event.


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